Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I have just met a girlfriend in Leederville for coffee and walked past a gorgeous store called Remedy. It is the kind of store you just have to go into!

This is what they write about themselves

we wanted to sell ‘beautiful things’ that were designed and made by creative minds.

a ceramic bowl that makes you wonder at its texture and subtle brush strokes;
botanically aromatic skincare with minimal packaging and preservatives;
a design so clever it makes you smile with amusement.
no mass production.
buy once, buy well.
objects you’re excited to give to others, or keep for yourself.
emergence of beauty and practicality.

products created from a respectful environment for a sustainable future.

we wanted to showcase the work of local artists by providing wall and window space.
an ongoing exhibition inside.
footpath gallery outside.

participate with us in the ‘slow shopping movement’; wander through, inhale, enjoy…

This is a beautiful store that invites you in with the beautiful scent of organic bath bombs and handmade soaps. 

Their range of organic cotton bed linen is exquisite and the jewellery is so unique. 

On a visit to Leederville, this store is a must!

This is not just shopping, this is an experience!