Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pure Earth Noosa

Pure Earth Noosa carries a diverse range of Australian organic & natural
products from skin care to cleaning products.

Pure Earth Noosa also have gift packs ranging from $24 to $115 so there is
something for everyone's budget. I really like the Lemongrass Shower Pack for $29.96 and the Baby pack for $52.95.

The Story behind Pure Earth Noosa

Pure Earth Noosa is owned and run by mum of three Sandy Guidolin. Sandy lives 20 minutes from Noosa where both her and her hubby work from home.

After the birth of her first child, Sandy wanted to give him only the best, but couldn't find any products that were 100% natural and Australian. After looking through all the products she has in and around her home, Sandy realised that they were doing her family harm and threw them all out.

From that point, Sandy decided it was time to help other mums and families find quality, natural products to use around the home.

Pure Earth Noosa was born! Sandy started selling her products on her on-line store and at local markets. Sandy also likes to educate
people about what we can all do to protect our children, their future and our environment.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Product From Your Cheeky Monkey

Just had to add this gorgeous recylced tote from Your Cheeky Monkey for $39.95!!

Constructed from genuine MOSCHINO recycled cotton jeans fabric as front panel, and sides/bottom and back are from animal print upholstery off-cuts. Lining is lovely 100% cotton quilting Cheetah Swirl fabric. With a button toggle between the handles.

Tote may differ slightly from one pictured due to pattern placement on fabric. 

Handmade by Monique.

Dimensions approx. 32cm W x 29cm H x 9cm D

Hug A Bub Baby Carrier

This is one of my favourite baby products on the market! 

This baby sling saved me when my son was little and had reflux. He wouldn't sleep lying down as it made his reflux worse, and he was in pain all the time (until we got the medication sorted out). A friend suggested I carry him in a sling, but as I have back problems, I wasn't sure about thisidea. 

Then, I found the Hug a Bub baby sling

The Hug a Bub is so comfortable and easy to use. On a cold morning, I would put on the sling before getting in the car to take my daughters to school, then pop the baby into it as soon as we got there. He was snug and safe, and more often than not, would fall asleep straight away. 

It was a saviour! I could do the washing, clean the house, do groceries, all with him snug and close to me. He loved it was was calmed every time he was in it. It supports their tiny heads so that you can bend over and they don't wobble around like other carriers. 

The Hug a Bub is available in 7 different colours and retails for AUD$120 

head support
The wide shoulder wraps double up to provide the most secure support for babies’ head and neck. It is ideal for newborns and premature or sleeping babies.

back support
The hug-a-bub’s ergonomic design, wraps around your torso, from shoulders to hips, reducing unnecessary strain on your shoulders, neck and back. It is recommended by physiotherapists for those with some chronic back problems.

hands free
Due to its unique wrap style, the
 hug-a-bub® baby carrier offers a firm and secure hold that allows you to have your hands completely free. When desired, you can even bend forward without your baby dropping away from your body.

step-by-step dvd
Included with your
 hug-a-bub® baby carrier is a step-by-step instructional dvd that demonstrates a simple tying method, how to place your baby in any of the 4 different positions, a few handy hints on how tho get the most out of your hug-a-bub® in both hot and cold climates and last but not least some important information about the benefits babywearing has to offer.

When worn correctly the
 hug-a-bub® is one of the most secure baby carriers on the market. There are no clips or buckles to break or seams to come undone. It is even possible to bend over completely without fear of your baby falling out.

breast feeding
There are two positions that may be suitable for breastfeeding your baby discretely and comfortably: either horizontally or vertically, depending on the babies size and the size of the mother’s breasts. (Some women with very large breasts have expressed difficulty breastfeeding in the

I can not recommend this baby sling enough! It is so comfortable to wear, and babies just love it! There is also a range Organic Cotton slings

Have a look at their website for more information

All pictures from HugaBub website

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Have You Met Miss Jones

I absolutely love this online store. 

Have you met Miss Jones is a lifestyle company dedicated to providing contemporary designs for the interior. Bone china votives sit side by side with magnificent capiz chandeliers, cushions, organic pottery and wooden trays and coasters. Products are sourced from across the globe and scrutinized to ensure they add value and pleasure to the living environment. 

The philosophy embraces the essence of adaptability and 

as such the range appeals to a wide range of budgets and sits equally well in a variety of interiors from inner city terraces to beachside retreats. 

Jennifer Jones has a background in fashion, having worked in the UK and Australia for iconic brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Nike and Diesel. After 10 years in the fashion industry she left Diesel as Managing Director of Australia and started “Have you met Miss Jones” in 2006.

The business originally started as a fashion agency but her roots have drawn her back into the world of home-wares. Jennifer’s parents John and Millie have had an export company for the past 35 years, exporting beautiful items from the Philippines to the UK and Europe. Over many dinners and Sunday lunches a plan was hatched to launch their home-wares into the Australian market.

“Have you met Miss Jones” now operates as a home-wares company specialising in bone china and other beautiful items from the Philippines. Jennifer is responsible for the sales and distribution in Australia while John and Millie handle production in the Philippines.

I love the Bone China  Hanging Swallow and the Canary on Stand, both of which I have sitting in my office. The Bone China Collections also include the Pebble Collection, the Beautiful Birds Collection and the Driftwood Collection. 
They also carry a beautiful range of Clay Pottery and Laminated Capiz

To see their beautiful range, go to

All photos from Have You Met Miss Jones

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Do you Have a Cheeky Monkey?

Not just a cute name, Your Cheeky Monkey has gorgeous handcrafted products for baby showers, new babies, and children too! They also have stuff for mums and dads. 

Monique Nickalls is the owner of Gold Coast based Your Cheeky Monkey and is a work at home mum 
(WAHM) with two Cheeky Monkey's of her 
own - 2 boys aged 2 & 3. 

Last year, Monique decided it was time to share her passion for hand-sewn products with the world, luckily for us, as her products are just gorgeous! 

Monique says;

"Our aim, after working in different industries and experiencing different levels of customer service, is to provide beautiful, unique, 
memorable gifts and practical items for people of all ages while at the same time providing the best possible customer service. We know how important your time is."

From the very practical Burp Cloths for $15 (I could have done with a tonne of these having had a son with reflux!), to the too cute hand made Googly Eye Bunnies at $19.95, Your Cheeky Monkey has great gift ideas for every baby!!

I really like the Recycled Fabric Tote for $39.95 which is made from recycled jeans and upholstery off-cuts. 

When you sign up for Your Cheeky Monkey's Newsletter, you receive a VIP discount code, exclusive giveaways, tips & recipes and entry into the 
monthly voucher draw.

Your Cheeky Monkey's current specials are;

10 - 20% off all Organic Skincare Products
Buy 6 Finger Puppets, get 
one FREE!
30% off all sunscreens and Fingerpuppets

Monday, May 18, 2009

Milla Ruby Designs

Introducing Milla Ruby Designs

Milla Ruby Designs is owned and run by WA mum Caddie Noakes. Caddie is married and has 2 beautiful daughters, Millana and Ruby.

Caddie is a self taught, her first cross stitch was done at age 8, and is told she takes after her crafty Grandmother. 

Caddie started selling her beautiful hand made items about 18 months ago and after seeing how gorgeous her products are, it is easy to see why her business, Milla Ruby Designs has taken off!

Milla Ruby Designs has beautiful dresses for the girls, and funky pants for the boys. My favourite are the "Save Our Planet" relaxapants.


There is also beautiful toys like hand made giraffes, 
monkeys and my favourite, the Chenille Owl Taggy which is only $18!

Milla Ruby Designs is a regular at Mathilda's Markets in Perth and you can see her at the next one at the Oasis Leisure Centre in Belmont on Sunday the 19th July from 9am - 1pm. 

Sunday, May 17, 2009

More from Lauren Alexander

I just had to put this one up as it was too cute!

This is another gorgeous design from Lauren Alexander 

From the Designer

This tote features 16 images from my original watercolor paintings. Colorful birds, whimsical cuties, perfect for any art lover. This bag will cheerfully hold everything you need.

Our 100% cotton canvas tote bags have plenty of room to carry everything you need when you are on the go. They include a bottom gusset and extra long handles for easy carrying.
  • 10 oz heavyweight natural canvas fabric
  • Full side and bottom gusset
  • 22" reinforced self-fabric handles
  • Machine washable
  • Measures 15" x 18" x 6"

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Idibidi Kids

When my sister in law had her baby girl, Elissia, 7 weeks ago I was trying to find the perfect gift. I had already gone a bit crazy at Little Posh in Mount Hawthorn with dolls, girly clothes and tiny pink shoes, so I wanted to get something a bit different. 

I came across Idibidi Kids Massage. This is the perfect gift for a new mum who already has everything they need for their little cherub. 

Owner of Idibidi Kids Massage, Natalie Garmson, is a certified infant massage instructor and a mother so knows first hand the many benefits of infant massage. 

Idibidi Kids offers Infant Massage Courses and Workshops, Children's Massage courses for children aged 4 - 12 years, Sleep Consults, Post Natal Care and Massage in Schools Programs. 

Idibidi Kids Massage is based in Perth, WA

Thursday, May 14, 2009

MUDD Kids - Organic Fair Trade

MUDD Kids is an online organic, fair trade baby and children's store. 

If you are looking for a new baby gift, I would recommend checking them out. Their Soy Kimono Bodysuits are just beautiful and come in 3 different colours - Chocolate, Petal & Tea (even the names are cute!).

The Bamboo dress in Natural is just gorgeous, and if that's not enough, the little girl wearing it is enough to make you buy one!

My favourite thing would have to be the Huggalugs! These are funky leg warmers for babies to kids age 6. They can also be worn on the arms and are great for under skirts, especially when toilet training!! No tights! My girls are now 8 & 9, but I'm sure I can get them to fit somehow!! 

Here is what owner Amy Dolwing says about her store;

"Helping our little ones to grow up with a green influence is easy at MUDD Kids. While
more and more people are becoming educated about chemicals used in the manufacturing of
our clothes, you'll be glad to see we've come across a fabulous range of  Eco-friendly

Our eco-friendly clothing lines may assist in the rising number of children suffering
skin allergies and sensitivity as they are chemical free.

Many people are still unaware of the benefits of eco-friendly fabrics, so here is a quick overview!

SOY is smoother than cashmere and has the same moisture absorption as cotton. It's being touted "vegetable cashmere".  It is conscientious and green by using the the natural leftover pulp from tofu, soy milk and other soy products.

fabric has a natural sheen and softness that feels and drapes like silk. Bamboo is an eco-friendly, sustainable crop. Bamboo grows naturally without the need for agricultural tending. 

Our Baby Soy & Kicky Pants lines range between $4 -$32, with the average being just $15.  A very affordable and safe option for dressing your child.

What are you waiting for, jump over to Mudd Kids and start shopping for your sustainable wardrobe today!"

The Important Things In Life

I took his Hand and Followed


My dishes went unwashed today

I didn’t make my bed

I took his hand and followed

Where his eager footsteps led.


Oh yes, we went adventuring

My little Child and I

Exploring all the great outdoors

Beneath the sun and sky.


We watched a robin feed her young

We climbed a sunlit hill

Saw cloud-sheep scamper through the sky

We plucked a daffodil.


That my house was so neglected

That I didn’t brush the stairs

In twenty years no one on earth

Will know or even care.


But that I’ve helped my little child

To noble adulthood grow

In twenty years the whole wide world

May look and see and know.


Author unknown


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Alluring Lingerie

Finally, there is a place you can buy sexy and supportive bras for all those women blessed with a bigger bust (myself included!!).

Alluring Lingerie is an online lingerie store owned by Renee Mayne that sells sexy and supportive bras specialising in D to G cup sizes. 

The website is beautiful and very easy to shop from. There is a fantastic size guide so you will always get the perfect fit and Renee has even done a video so show you how to take your measurements correctly! She has thought of everything!

The prices are fantastic and all purchases are delivered free to anywhere in Australia.


I have just met a girlfriend in Leederville for coffee and walked past a gorgeous store called Remedy. It is the kind of store you just have to go into!

This is what they write about themselves

we wanted to sell ‘beautiful things’ that were designed and made by creative minds.

a ceramic bowl that makes you wonder at its texture and subtle brush strokes;
botanically aromatic skincare with minimal packaging and preservatives;
a design so clever it makes you smile with amusement.
no mass production.
buy once, buy well.
objects you’re excited to give to others, or keep for yourself.
emergence of beauty and practicality.

products created from a respectful environment for a sustainable future.

we wanted to showcase the work of local artists by providing wall and window space.
an ongoing exhibition inside.
footpath gallery outside.

participate with us in the ‘slow shopping movement’; wander through, inhale, enjoy…

This is a beautiful store that invites you in with the beautiful scent of organic bath bombs and handmade soaps. 

Their range of organic cotton bed linen is exquisite and the jewellery is so unique. 

On a visit to Leederville, this store is a must!

This is not just shopping, this is an experience! 

Another Etsy Find

How gorgeous are these prints? Fantastic for a new baby gift or for decorating your nursery. 

These are by artist Lauren Alexander and range in price from $5.00 USD to $28.00 USD (+ postage). 

Lauren's work ranges from paintings & prints, to gift cards & pendants. She has a "Great Gifts" section on her Etsy page which has something for everyone!


The only problem now is which ones to choose? They are all so cute!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Etsy Addiction

My name is Jo, and I am an Esty addict!

Etsy is one of my favourite places to buy unique, hand made gifts, art, homewares, pretty much anything and everything! 

Here are a few gorgous pieces from artist Natasha Morton

"Letter from Cuba"                       

"Rain, Rain, Go Away"

  "81 Cents"

About Natasha

"I worked as a textile designer for ten years, and then moved away from the rigid repeats to let my work progress intuitively. I try not to 'plan' my paintings as this can lead to frustration, so I prefer to go with the flow of whatever is inspiring me at the time. I love using any materials that come to hand, from acrylic paint to bleach or copper leaf or sandpaper. I layer my paintings then sand them down, some of them over many weeks, until I feel satisfied with the effects. I try to give all my pieces an antique, worn look, as though they have been left in the attic for decades and then only recently discovered. Vintage lettering adds to this effect. I also collect fragments of real antique papers from flea markets or donations from friends and family, which I incorporate into the pieces. My fascination with the 'old' stems from a childhood playing in the back room of my grandmother's antique shop - you never knew what you were going to find!... I hope my paintings give you as much pleasure as I had creating them."

Hope you love her work as much as I do. I have put in the order with my husband for "Rain, Rain, Go Away for Christmas!!!


Eco Manifesto

If you are looking for natural, organic and eco-friendly products, then Eco Manifesto is the place to get them!

As well as having a great business name, and a beautiful website (love the colours and so easy to navigate), Eco Manifesto have a fantastic range of products ranging from clothing to household cleaning products. 

From Chrissy (owner of Eco Manifesto) 

"Our aim is to provide everyday products that are better choices for consumers and 

the environment, with a personalized customer service.  As well as providing eco-friendly products, we try to provide simple, but relevant information to encourage people to take the time to think about the impact their purchases have on their health and the environment.  Being a mum with a young family, I know how difficult it can be trying to spend your money wisely, and wanting to do your bit for the environment - so we want our customers to see that going “green” does not have to be expensive or difficult. 

We are always keen to listen and encourage suggestions from people about what they want - whether it’s a particular product or just information on living more sustainably."


Chrissy’s interest in natural products and sustainable living started in her late 20’s and increased after their first child suffered from sensory and allergic sensitivities, including eczema. They managed their daughter’s condition by reducing the use of chemicals and looking at more natural alternatives. This and the concern for the environment and future generations was the motivation for starting Eco Manifesto.



Sunday, May 10, 2009

Little Posh

When the mums in my playgroup started giving birth at a rate of knots, I was the first to put my hand up for the job of baby gift buyer. 

One of my favourite boutiques for gorgeous baby gifts is Little Posh in Mt Hawthorn. They stock a fabulous range of gifts, toys and clothing for your cherub including designer labels Bobux, Gigis and Petite Organic. 

Little Posh specialise in clothing, shoes, accessories, and giftware from premmie babies to 7 years. 

They have new stock arrive all the time, so there is always something different on the shelves. 

If you are looking for a unique gift for the new arrival in your life, check out Little Posh! 

Mr Sparrow

I couldn't talk unique shops and special finds without mentioning Mr Sparrow! Mr Sparrow has an eclectic and beautiful range of home and gift wares from all over the world. Their range includes garden gifts like plants in tea cups or gardening tools as well as quirky home wares like a canvas Grandpa clock!

Their featured product this month is Laikonik's Once-A-Year Book. This beautiful keepsake has a place for a photo and special comments for every year of your child's' life until they are 18 and the book comes in a beautiful hand stitched felt bag. 

Visit Mr Sparrow at Shop 3, 223 Bagot Road, Subiaco

Lolly Dandy

Lolly Dandy is a Perth based company 
who make beautiful personalised canvas wall art for children. 
Their art is affordable, and there are many designs to choose from. 

They also have a range of kids art aprons complete with chalkboard fabric or crayons and paper! 

They have the most beautiful gifts for a new arrival, a wedding or birthday gift. Support local 
business, and check out Lolly Dandy for your next gift!!

Bye for now

Hip Cards

I may have mentioned my little obsession with stationary previously (I love all things Kikki-K!!).

I have now found the most beautiful selection of greeting cards from Hip Cards. The cards are sourced from all over the world and are distinctively unique. 

My favourite is their range of Eco Cards. A range of environmentally friendly cards made from FSC board. The cards are also made using vegetable dyes and soy-based inks. Some of the cards are wrapped with compostable cellophane and some made with wind energy. 

All the cards are competitively priced, so if you are looking for something a bit different, check out Hip Cards.

Jo xo

image via Hip Cards