Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Eco Manifesto

If you are looking for natural, organic and eco-friendly products, then Eco Manifesto is the place to get them!

As well as having a great business name, and a beautiful website (love the colours and so easy to navigate), Eco Manifesto have a fantastic range of products ranging from clothing to household cleaning products. 

From Chrissy (owner of Eco Manifesto) 

"Our aim is to provide everyday products that are better choices for consumers and 

the environment, with a personalized customer service.  As well as providing eco-friendly products, we try to provide simple, but relevant information to encourage people to take the time to think about the impact their purchases have on their health and the environment.  Being a mum with a young family, I know how difficult it can be trying to spend your money wisely, and wanting to do your bit for the environment - so we want our customers to see that going “green” does not have to be expensive or difficult. 

We are always keen to listen and encourage suggestions from people about what they want - whether it’s a particular product or just information on living more sustainably."


Chrissy’s interest in natural products and sustainable living started in her late 20’s and increased after their first child suffered from sensory and allergic sensitivities, including eczema. They managed their daughter’s condition by reducing the use of chemicals and looking at more natural alternatives. This and the concern for the environment and future generations was the motivation for starting Eco Manifesto.