Sunday, July 12, 2009

Babies Nest

Babies Nest is owned and run by Katrina, with the support of her husband and 3 year old son, they also have another baby due very soon in July.

Katrina says "owning my own business is something I’ve wanted to do since I was in high school and had been looking at starting my own online store for some time, so when the opportunity came along to take over Babies Nest in late 2008 it was a dream come true."

As most people know, a happy mum means a happy family. Having a happy and contented baby or child helps to keep mums happy. At Babies Nest we sell products which will provide comfort for your child and therefore mum.

As well as carrying essential products for your children, Babies Nest has a regular newsletter which is filled with specials and new products.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Coffee in the Park

While looking for things to do in Perth on a Sunday, I came across this very handy website;

A Coffee in the Park is a Perth based website run by parents Andrew & Claire. They decided to put this website together as a handy resource for people with kids, and a love of coffee!

Here is what counts as a Coffee in the Park

"To count as an official 'coffee in the park' a park need to have two essential criteria - a playground and a nearby source of takeaway espresso coffee. The two must be no more than a short walk from each other. These free public parks are listed in the two Perth Playgrounds menus.

We also know of many other great playgrounds that unfortunately don't have a built-in source of caffeine, so while they don't qualify as a coffee in the park, we have created a new category for the site called Great Parks - No Coffee and this lists the parks without coffee that we have have visited or heard about.

Under the Other Cool Places menu we have included places to play that are 'pay for entry' or which are fun places to play, without actually being formal playgrounds."

The website has locations both north and south of the river, and also includes country areas such as Geraldton, Albany and Broome. There is also a section on other places to visit (Perth Zoo, Matilda Bay) and parks without coffee.

Next time you want to head out of the house and are in need to siome caffein, check out their website for some great places to play!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kids Learning is Fun!!

My daughter is in Year 3 this year and she has had some difficulty with spelling and reading. I will be taking her to have auditory processing tests done next week, and her teachers at school are fantastic. She is getting the one on one attention she needs to bring her back up to the level she "should" be at.

Anyway, in looking for products to help her at home, I have come across "Kids Learning is Fun". This is a website run by Jodie - a mother of 3 boys, aged 7, 3 & 12 months. Jodie is a primary school teacher (currently on leave to be a full -time mum), and decided that now was the time for her to use her skills and
knowledge to help parents with their children's education.

Jodie says;

"Becoming a parent with a child at school has allowed me to see that there are things about a child's education that don't always make sense to parents. I have friends with children who will often ask me to explain something their child's teacher has said or they have come across in a newsletter."

Jodie's website is full of fantastic resources including fun products for Literacy Learning, Maths Learning and even products to help parents! These products are also available in all the different fonts used in the different states (very handy to eliminate confusion for the kids).

My favourite page on Jodie's website is the Literacy Glossary. I can never remember what an antonym or a compound word is!

Kids Learning is Fun also has a FREE e-course on "The ways our Children Learn and How we as Parents Can Help Them!!"

Jodie also writes a blog - Kids Learning Blog which is full of information about her latest products, tips and resources.

This is a fantastic resource for anyone with children!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Come and tell us what YOU as a WOMAN want for your life...

A message from Michelle Hayward.....

Do you have a quirky, passionate, edgey, interesting or otherwise special love story to share? Would you be prepared to be featured in a real-life magazine, complete with photographs?

If you have a romance of the century to share, and you would like Australia to know about it, please contact me with details.

Also, please take a moment to read my forum post 'What do we really want?' Women around Australia should be celebrated! We are a magnificent and diverse culture and we have something to say... I would like to take your submissions/concerns/etc to our Politicians - and give you a voice!

Come and tell us what YOU as a WOMAN want for your life...for your family.... in terms of your career progression... how you're coping in the recession etc...

Contact Michelle at

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Eco Manifesto

Eco Manifesto has made a couple of changes to their website including the ability to add a testimonial and/or product reviews.

At the moment, Eco Manifesto has on sale a gorgeous "Relax Me Bath & Massage Oil" for $13 (a saving of $6.95).

Absolutely Gorgeous
Relax Me Bath & Massage Oil

A soothing blend of essential oils to help the body unwind and de-stress

Directions: Pour a few drops into your bath. Apply during massage or burn in an oil burner

Absolutely Gorgeous products are hand blended from only natural ingredients, nourishing plant oils and the finest botanicals. These top quality products are:

- Paraben Free
- SLS Free
- Contain No Artificial colours
- Contain no Animal Ingredients
- Not Tested on Animals

Extra Info
Lavender & rose geranium - 150ml

Ingredients: Wheatgerm oil, soyabean oil, jojoba oil, rosehip oil, sweet almond oil, lavender & rose geranium essential oils

To see this and many other gorgeous products, go to

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Just a quick note tonight. I was recently emailed about a fantastic new website supporting undiscovered talent in the fields of art, music, fashion & filmmaking.

Here is a bit about them;

About was conceived to fill a void in the art world — a place in cyberspace where budding artists from all over the world could showcase their work in front of a global audience.

Whether it is in the hopes of being "discovered," to finally make a living from the sale of their creations, or simply to revel in the joy of having an audience see and react to their work, artists now have a dynamic setting in which to showcase their craft - for free and with no limitations.

At, we believe that there are literally millions of artists around the world who are currently unable to display what they have created. Whether it's because of their location, lack of connections to the "business side" of their craft, or inadequate funds, incredibly talented individuals who have created fantastic works of art have been frustrated in their quest to share their work with the world.

So we've created a place to level the playing field and change all that. If an artist can gain access to a computer, they can access — and connect with people all over the world eager to discover them and their work.

For the emerging artist, means the chance for exposure on a global scale, in an environment designed by artists for artists.

For the connoisseur, the collector, the devotee, or the newbie who wishes to dive deeper into works of art, music, fashion, and film, provides unlimited access to a world of artists and their works on a scale never before possible, but renders it manageable and approachable through innovative, sophisticated, and seamless technological advances.

Check it out at