Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Do you Have a Cheeky Monkey?

Not just a cute name, Your Cheeky Monkey has gorgeous handcrafted products for baby showers, new babies, and children too! They also have stuff for mums and dads. 

Monique Nickalls is the owner of Gold Coast based Your Cheeky Monkey and is a work at home mum 
(WAHM) with two Cheeky Monkey's of her 
own - 2 boys aged 2 & 3. 

Last year, Monique decided it was time to share her passion for hand-sewn products with the world, luckily for us, as her products are just gorgeous! 

Monique says;

"Our aim, after working in different industries and experiencing different levels of customer service, is to provide beautiful, unique, 
memorable gifts and practical items for people of all ages while at the same time providing the best possible customer service. We know how important your time is."

From the very practical Burp Cloths for $15 (I could have done with a tonne of these having had a son with reflux!), to the too cute hand made Googly Eye Bunnies at $19.95, Your Cheeky Monkey has great gift ideas for every baby!!

I really like the Recycled Fabric Tote for $39.95 which is made from recycled jeans and upholstery off-cuts. 

When you sign up for Your Cheeky Monkey's Newsletter, you receive a VIP discount code, exclusive giveaways, tips & recipes and entry into the 
monthly voucher draw.

Your Cheeky Monkey's current specials are;

10 - 20% off all Organic Skincare Products
Buy 6 Finger Puppets, get 
one FREE!
30% off all sunscreens and Fingerpuppets


Anne said...

I absolutely love the finger puppets. (No really, I am an adult!) I have the Monkey one and I love it. It keeps my pen's head warm and when I get stressed I play with it. It makes me laugh just to look at it.

See? Who said they were just for kids?