Thursday, October 15, 2009

OrganiseEasy - Cubeo

As a Professional Organiser, I often come across products or systems that claim to make your life easier, but rarely deliver!

That is until today when I met Gail from OrganiseEasy. Gail and her business partner Kathryn have invented the most practical product to help your children get organised for school called the "Cubeo" - your cue to be organised.

Attaching easily to backpacks, the compact, colourful "Cubeo" helps children to remember what they need to prepare for the day ahead"

How does it work?

The front window displays items needed every day and the clever drop-down cards ensure that children remember the things they need on specific days of the week.

News on Monday in the first term, then the News sticker goes on the Monday card. If it changes from term to term? Easy - peel off the sticker and place it on the allotted day of the week.

Over 80 colourful and engaging reusable stickers illustrate a range of essential items, curricular and extra-curricular activities that assist children in preparing for their school day.

As a mother of 2 school aged children, I found the "Cubeo" be be fantastic. The body of the "Cubeo" is made from non-toxic, food grade safe silicone which means not only is it very tactile for young hands, but it can withstand the sun and rain it will be exposed to on your child's school bag.

Gail and Kathryn have thought of everything - with 90 stickers including "note for teacher", "news", "karate" and even "allergies"
The "Cubeo" is available in 4 bright colours and retails for $19.95.

The "Cubeo" is a must for all parents with school aged children and can be purchased from Gail and Kathryn's website

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Hello Loyal Followers!

Hi everyone

Sorry it's been a while, I have had a whole lot going on. We are planning a move to Brisbane in the new year, so with all the organising of moving a family of 5 as well as 2 businesses, life has been a bit chaotic!

I plan to relocate Breathing Spaces (my other baby) to Brisbane next year with a new focus on all things "sustainable".

A Little Bird will also have a bit of a change, showcasing eco businesses, products & services.

I hope you all remain loyal followers and I promise to bring you unique and beautiful things from all over the world with a focus on sustainable, green and fair trade.

Love Jo