Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kids Learning is Fun!!

My daughter is in Year 3 this year and she has had some difficulty with spelling and reading. I will be taking her to have auditory processing tests done next week, and her teachers at school are fantastic. She is getting the one on one attention she needs to bring her back up to the level she "should" be at.

Anyway, in looking for products to help her at home, I have come across "Kids Learning is Fun". This is a website run by Jodie - a mother of 3 boys, aged 7, 3 & 12 months. Jodie is a primary school teacher (currently on leave to be a full -time mum), and decided that now was the time for her to use her skills and
knowledge to help parents with their children's education.

Jodie says;

"Becoming a parent with a child at school has allowed me to see that there are things about a child's education that don't always make sense to parents. I have friends with children who will often ask me to explain something their child's teacher has said or they have come across in a newsletter."

Jodie's website is full of fantastic resources including fun products for Literacy Learning, Maths Learning and even products to help parents! These products are also available in all the different fonts used in the different states (very handy to eliminate confusion for the kids).

My favourite page on Jodie's website is the Literacy Glossary. I can never remember what an antonym or a compound word is!

Kids Learning is Fun also has a FREE e-course on "The ways our Children Learn and How we as Parents Can Help Them!!"

Jodie also writes a blog - Kids Learning Blog which is full of information about her latest products, tips and resources.

This is a fantastic resource for anyone with children!!!


Boodabubs said...

Kids Learning...what a fantastic site. Thanks for the info!

Natalie Garmson, CIMI, MISI, Ass.Dip Sc, Cert I Aromatherapy, Owner of Idibidi Kids Massage said...

Parent and caregiver interaction with our children is one of the most important ways we can help them, with their learning and development, from when they are a baby through to primary school. Especially the 'early' years, from 0 to 5 yrs of age. Well done on a great website Jodie :)
Nat, Idibidi Kids, Perth, West Australia